Skill Sets

Communication Skills:

  • Expert in editing and proofreading lengthy documents with focus on work definitions, spelling, sentence structure, syntax, and grammar.
  • Articulate and effective in working with individuals of different backgrounds and temperaments.
  • Accurately record, remember, and verbally communicate detailed information.
  • 20+ years experience in presentations and public speaking.

Technical Skills:

  • Accurate, rapid typing and data entry speed.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office Suite™ : Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Publisher, Access, OneNote, Outlook®; Quark, Blackboard, and Pearson LearningStudio.


University of North Dakota                                      Ph.D. – Communication and Public Discourse

Dissertation: Media portrayals of spousal communication on the campaign trail: A content analysis.

Dr. Pamela Kalbfleisch, Advisor

Areas of emphasis: Political Communication, Persuasion, Interpersonal, Public Speaking, Organizational Communication; Communication Theory.

University of North Dakota                                  M.A. – Communication

Thesis:  The Internet and political campaign advertising: A content analysis.

Dr. Michael Nitz, Advisor

Areas of emphasis: Political Communication, Persuasion, Public Speaking, Organizational Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Communication Theory.

University of Utah                                                   B.S. – Political Science

Areas of emphasis: Geography, pre-Law, Political Philosophy, Development of the Third and Fourth world, Communication Studies.

Northwest College                                             A.A.  – Communications

Areas of emphasis: American government: Scope and methods of political science. Additional areas of interest: Interpersonal Communication; Public Speaking; Small Group Communication.


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Kalbfleisch, P. J., & Herold, A. L. (2006).  Sex, Power, and Communication.  In D. J. Canary and K. Dindia (Eds.) Sex differences and similarities in communication (2nd edition).  pp. 299 – 313.  Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.