Style Sheets

Fiction / academic style sheets: $25 each

Technical style sheets: $30 each

Do you use the Oxford comma? Do you like contractions, or never use them? Do you use em dashed or asterisks? Do you spell names and places correctly? Do you write in a consistent manner? If you write, you need a style sheet.

Style Sheets are guides designed to help writers and editors maintain consistency and reduce errors. Style sheets inform writers and editors about spelling, punctuation, and capitalization practices. In fiction writing, a style sheet helps to maintain a character’s personality and individuality through consistent use of language and personal quirks (such as mannerisms, dialect or accent).

Under this service, I will keep a style sheet for you as I edit/proof your document. I will consult with you on how you want to write as well as the style in which you are required to write. The style sheet will include why a tough decision was made. This reminder is helpful later when explaining why the writer (or a character) did a particular thing. Once finished, you will receive your style guide as an electronic spreadsheet.